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Still Moments: Americani a Roma

September 1, 2017

Some of the best things in life happen in threes: this exhibit is no exception. Three women, decades, and perspectives fill the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania.  Step through the viewfinders of Esther Boise Van Deman, Georgina Masson, and Jeannette Montgomery Barron and experience Italy through their eyes. Bellissimo!

As flâneurs, observers and reporters of street-life in the modern city, A View of One’s Own provides unique views of Rome from different vantage points.  These still-framed moments reveal more than a captured scene, however.  A lightly turned up corner bears hand marked numbers. Crisp contrasts reflect well cared for film. Pigment pops among the monochromatic. Individually these images create their own note.  Together, a new melody. Stupefacente!

If you need a bit more convincing, here are three additional reasons to attend:


Philed by Kim Iburg

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