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And she lived...Happily Ever After.

October 13, 2017
Emily Smith "When a Man Decides to hurt You: Jaw"
Erica Zoë Loustau "Release Me"
Mari Oghiara
Aubrie Costello "This is Real Life"
Main Line Art Center: Happily Ever After. Performance on television "Soxx" by Jenny Drumgool.

Most of us are familiar with fairy tales between bedtime stories and dancing  television screens. Often found in these stories are enchanting beauties or delicate damsels in distress. With Happily Ever After at the Main Line Art Center, the fairy tale is broken open and rewritten.

Living can be a messy business.  Identifying as a woman layers a unique view-frame to the experience. We can be empowered or hindered, celebrated or compartmentalized; all of which brings a new twist to the tale.  

"Because how history is written, both in and out of art institutions, is how you shape the world."
-Judy Chicago 

This collection is as multifaceted as the individuals who created it.  Desire and violence are suggested through carved and glazed ceramic pieces. Experiences of physical and emotional struggle manifest in paintings and fabric.  How women interact with their surroundings materialize in installations, photographs, and an alter ego.  These fearless six are the leads in their stories.  If you’ve found yourself unable to put a feeling into words, you may just find it here.

Experience this new tale for yourself and watch Aubrie Costello create another chapter of hers tonight, October 13 during the exhibit’s opening reception.

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