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Leggo my Litho

January 12, 2018
Progression examples of etchings on stone.
Grease crayons and pencils and their qualities.
Erin Diserafino working on our joint piece.
Professor Ron Wyffles laying rosin on the stone.
Professor Ron Wyffles pulling the first print after warming up the stone.

Want to brush up on some skills?  Learn something new? The Continuing Education programs at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) may be perfect for you!  This past Saturday, Erin and I braved the bitter cold and embarked on another adventure together to learn all things lithography.

Learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist.  
-Pablo Picasso

Always on the lookout for a steal, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up for a preview class - a chance to explore a class before committing to the entire course. Given my love for vintage children’s books filled with gorgeous illustrations and Erin’s innate need to doodle on everything (paper and non-paper), this was the class for us!  Stepping out of the vertigo inducing elevator onto the printmaking floor, our eyes were met by student spaces, the student archive, and the workroom.  What is it about being in a studio that is so inspiring?  Maybe it’s the picture windows sending sunshine over the presses and workstations.  Maybe it’s the works in progress around the room, revealing thought processes and methods. Whatever the reason, we both erupted in smiles and excitement for what the day would reveal.

Professor Ron Wyffels made the entire day packed with information and action without being overwhelming - perfect for someone like me who arrived with no prior experience.  Our top 3 favorite takeaways:

We walked away richer from the experience, a If you cannot attend a class, a great opportunity to get your foot in the door is the free lecture Visiting Artist: Amy Sherald on January 24th.  Let’s make art!

Philed by Kim Iburg

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