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Chinese Brush Painting with Derek Wang

Saturday, December 16

Art Parkway District

Chinese Painting, or "GuoHua", is a unique art form with a long history. The earliest existing artwork can be traced to 200 AD, and used on the same mediums and tools that are in use today. The key elements in Chinese painting is line art with brush, and ink art, with unique effect on rice paper. The class will teach the student to use these two basic elements to create complete pieces of painting on natural subjects of flowers and landscape. Materials are included. Additional materials can be purchased from the instructor to continue work at home.

This free workshop will be held in room 108 at Parkway Central. Because seats are limited, registration is required. Register HERE.

Huangxin ("Derek") Wang comes from a renowned artist family. Derek studied Chinese Painting (GuoHua) from his father, Master Wang Lanruo (1911-2015) since age 7. He inherits the traditional training of GuoHua from the studies of masters, while branches off his own styles with various modern topics. Since 2010, Derek has been teaching Chinese Painting classes in Guang-Hua Sunday Chinese School in Philadelphia area. 

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Venue Information

Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215-686-5322 phone

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