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Flash Photo

Saturday, February 17

Art Downtown

Learn to master photographing with an on-camera flash for film or digital photography. Portable on-camera flashes are an inexpensive, compact, lightweight lighting option that has become a popular lighting tool with many professional and fine art shooters. This workshop will cover basic and advanced lighting techniques including: direct flash, bounce flash, fill flash, lighting large rooms, portraiture with flash, directional lighting, dragging the shutter, mixed light color issues and effects, color correction, sharpness, and shooting both inside and outside. We will also look at the artistic considerations of when not to use a flash and when other lighting options might give a more desired look.

Please bring your camera and flash, if you have one. This workshop is not intended to cover cameras with pop up flashes.

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Venue Information

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122
215-232-5678 phone

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