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The Unseen

Through Wednesday, March 28

Art Downtown

The meaning of the photographs you make change once your voice activates them. Without sharing vital information a photograph of a street will be a photograph of a street, but what if it was the street you learned to ride your bike on or where you had your first kiss?

PPAC’s Teen Photo students were challenged to create a photograph that has a gap between what is seen within the frame and the context that lies beyond it (what remains unseen). The photographs that are the most precious to us extend beyond the subject matter alone. We like to share these images however practical, sentimental, or absurd.

We asked our students to take a picture of an everyday scene, person, or object that have “unseen” qualities that only they can interpret. The students were asked to provide further context on the back of the printed photograph.

Revealing what is only seen by them.

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Venue Information

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122
215-232-5678 phone

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The Water Works behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo by Erin DiSerafino.