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Love Letters to Earth

Through Tuesday, December 11

Art Parkway District

PAFA’s Alumni Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works by Philadelphia artist,Marguerita Hagan [PAFA MFA ‘10]

Inspired by the sea, Hagan’s work is informed by extensive research down to magnifying the networking of micro marine organisms, our planet's champion primary producers. While she shares the richness of our diverse environment with each series and project, it is the universal rhythm connecting life that remains a constant in her practice. This interdependence has allowed all communities to thrive for eons. She celebrates this life force in her vast ceramic range from glistening intricate micro marine architecture to primitive pit-fired sculpture embodying an ancient language.

The structure of Hagan’s creative life echoes the passion fueling her ceramic work, teaching and community arts. She has developed a strong creative community through and beyond her studio and home where ideas, resources, and fun gather. Hagan’s Studio Ceramic Program has introduced clay to numerous local and visiting artists, including Pafa students and alumni, launching ceramic projects and careers. She has exhibited her works nationally and internationally and lectured in both artistic and scientific settings. Her works are currently on view in PAFA’s Alumni Gallery, recently at The State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and in the Bodine Cancer Treatment Center at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)
118 - 128 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
215-972-7600 phone
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