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Points of View Speaker Series:Toward a More Global Philadelphia

Saturday, November 17

Art Community Parkway District

How we tell our story to the world directly affects life at home. The narratives created by artists, historians, journalists, and tourism bureaus have a direct effect on the communities they speak about, influencing economics, job markets, educational systems, and the sense of camaraderie a city’s residents feel for each other. A globally relevant Philadelphia encourages city-wide aspirations for improvement and creates the ability to dream of brighter futures for all residents. This panel of dreamers includes professionals working at the intersections of all these fields, who come together to share their expertise, their tips, and their aspirations for Philadelphia’s importance in global conversations.

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Venue Information

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)
118 - 128 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
215-972-7600 phone
215-972-6198 TTY

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