philly file · June 27 2017

Bird is the Word (Everybody Knows)

I am not a bird lover. My snacks are heavily guarded at the beach from those roaming gangs called seagulls and have been anointed by a pigeon or two in the city. However! I do get a kick out of finding the hiding places of nests and the Morris Arboretum plus the Free Library Bird Bag equals a lot of fun.

Popping into the Free Library's Andorra location, I whipped out my exclusive membership card and was given a quick overview of the contents of the bag:
  • Celestron Binoculars
  • Wissahickon Valley map
  • Sibley Books East book
  • BirdPhilly flyer
All of this gear means I'm going to be good at this, right?

Walking into Out on a Limb with the binoculars around my neck made me feel very official. The chirps and warbles of unseen feathered game echoed just above my head as I bounced across the Squirrel Scramble. I was in bird territory! Crossing over the wooden planks towards the woven branches of the Bird's Nest, I peered over the railing at the forest floor. Am I becoming a bird? The brilliant blue robin's eggs and the breathtaking view of the tree canopy through the nest's opening certainly made me feel so. I was ready.

If you need any tips on segueing into becoming an ornithologist, I am not your gal. Sparing you the details of learning how to use the gear, I will instead share that I was very successful in identifying a swan, a couple of ducks, chipmunks, squirrels, several robins, a hawk, and even two cardinals. My lack of birding skill did not hold me back from enjoying the book or strolling the many paths of the arboretum. The roses are in bloom, the greenhouse is teeming with growth, and the redwoods have shade to share. Morris' flora and fauna are waiting for you!

Philed by Kim Iburg

Free Library of Philadelphia Andorra
705 E Cathedral Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19128 US

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