philly file · November 13 2015

NoseGo: He Hit It Right On The Nose

I remember the first time I saw Yis Goodwin in the hallways of UARTS Terra building, somewhere among the top 15 and 14th floors which were dedicated to the photography, video, and animation arts. I was new and really shy, so I didn't really talk much but rather stuck to observing my surroundings. But Yis stands out to me still because of the sincerity and warmth of his smile. He just looks happy.

"I love painting murals more than anything! There's something about sharing my work on a larger scale surface that I absolutely love..."
—ACCLAIM, NoseGo: The Philly Artist Breaks Down His History and Influences

While on my own path of discovering meanings and importance of art in the world, the value of street art and artists has been pushing itself higher and higher in rank. So clearly I had to revisit a street artist whose work I have personally experienced and enjoy, who is a born and raised Philadelphia, and with whom I have my own sort of quasi-connection with. I began researching (I promise not cyber stalking) Yis , aka NoseGo, and his success in this medium. One of the things I find so appealing about street art is that it's out in the world waiting for you to find it. And once you've found the artist(s) that most appeal to your visual senses, you can sort of follow them on this treasure hunt around the globe, looking for these sometimes hidden, sometimes very obvious, gems to reveal themselves. It's exciting, its adventure! Or maybe that's childish...

Often described as having a whimsical or childlike exuberance, NoseGo's work is known for marrying his contemporary style, with fine art technique of which he's mastered through schooling. For taking his subject matter out of its normal visual context, defragmenting the scene, and reassembling the pieces to construct a new vibrant, sometimes otherworldly, summary or stream of consciousness of his subject matter.

Although Yis may have started this venture at the age of 17, and has since gained some very brag-able credits over the past few years, he seems to have remained the warm, and genuinely happy human being I so clearly remember from the hallways.

"I'm lucky. Somehow people like my weird paintings."
Philadelphia Weekly, Nicole Finkbiner, May 30, 2012

NoseGo has left gems from LA and Mexico, all the way across the states and on to Europe, but if those map points aren't in your reach at the moment don't fret because he's left plenty of gems right here in our own city for you to discover.

Philed by Erin DiSerafino

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