philly file · September 15 2017

Where the Heart is: Philadelphia Assembled

How can we collectively shape our futures? Philadelphia Assembled at the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a collaborative exhibit that faces this question head on.

Being a heritage city is a commitment to our living urban fabric of historic and contemporary interest. Philadelphia is the birthplace of the first hospital and medical school, a tourism hotspot with many historical landmarks, and most importantly — home. Blending art and civic engagement into a thought provoking collection, hundreds of collaborators bring forward faces passed by in the street and raising the voices lost in a crowd.

"Who can take care of the urban conditions in which we are living?"
—Jeanne Van Heeswijk

Reconstructions, sovereignty, sanctuary, futures, movement. These narratives lead the collection between installations and artwork to workshops and discussions. Step into the warmth and safety of the "Toward Sanctuary Dome." View the vibrant and laborious photos of Jeffrey Stockbridge. Brush up on the ABC's within the definition of sovereignty.

As the writers of this great city's future, come experience its past and present with special events including:

  • Recipes for a Change at the Free Library of Philadelphia on Sept 21

  • Storytelling and Spoken Word at the Perelman Building on Sept 24

  • Grower Series: Transcending Place, Creating Culture at the Perelman Building on Sept 30

    Philed by Kim Iburg.

Perelman Building, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Fairmount Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19130 US

Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103 US

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