event · Through October 30

4 Fridays-Pinching & Pit Firing with Jimmy Clark

This workshop is designed to dispel the notion that pinching is merely a beginner's technique. We will explore numerous variations on the method including: creating larger forms, working intuitively, and exploring asymmetrical forms. Surface treatments will include: imprinting plants and other textures, incorporating found objects, burnishing and applying terra sigilatta. The workshop will conclude with a pit (or sawdust) firing in which the pots will be buried in sawdust and smoldered overnight. This smokes the pots in an unpredictable manner. Multiple techniques will be employed to encourage variations including the use of sulfates, masking parts of the surface and wrapping the pots with cooper wire, which often leaves trails. Returning and advanced students will be encouraged to try new challenges such as incorporating found objects and making tripods.

Jimmy's approach to working with clay is in cooperation with the material where the creator is encouraged to "listen to the clay". That is to allow the clay and the environment to help determine the ultimate size and form. This passive or intuitive method is complimented by the firing that defies ultimate control. Clark considers himself but one of three integral components in the creation of a piece: maker, material and fire.


  • Friday, October 30, 2020 @ 10:00 am


Wayne Art Center
413 Maplewood Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087 US