event · January 29

Bottle Rocket

After "escaping" a voluntary psych ward stay, Anthony (Luke Wilson) reluctantly joins his deluded pal Dignan (Owen Wilson) and their bud Bob Mapplethorpe (Robert Musgrave) in an inept heist. When they undertake a caper with a landscaping con-artist (James Caan), the criminal lifestyle tests the limits of their friendship. With its eccentric visual tone, oddball characters, and youthful sense of adventure, Wes Anderson’s feature debut laid the stylistic foundation for works to come.

(R) USA – 1 hr 31 min

1996 · d. Wes Anderson 

Starring Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Robert Musgrave, James Caan, Lumi Cavazos


Bryn Mawr Film Institute
824 W. Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 US