event · Through October 30

Garden Sculpture Exhibition

Main Line Art Center is proud to present our first garden sculpture exhibition. Our gardens have become an outdoor gallery featuring the work of acclaimed local sculpture artists working in a wide-variety of mediums. Ceramic sculptures dance through the garden beds, windchimes sway in the breeze, creatures crawl up the building, fiber and textiles hang from trees, and glass flowers bloom among the native plants to create an enchanted landscape for visitors to explore.

We’ll celebrate the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, June 5th from 11 AM – 1 PM at our garden party. Kids can enjoy an exhibition inspired scavenger hunt and we’ll have maps to ensure you don’t miss any of the work throughout the property. Everyone is welcome!

Visitors are welcome anytime during daylight hours. Please do not touch the artwork unless otherwise noted.

Exhibiting Artists: Talbot Adamson | Sharon Bartmann | Barbara Bix | Miranda Blas | Aviva Brandt | John Costanza | Steven Flom | Beth Galinsky | Susan Hogan | Leslie Kaufman | Jeff Kimsey-Carroll | Carole Loeffler | Tom Lowy | Carol Magner | Silas McDonough | Dennis Murphy | Janell Olah | Marcia Reiver | Philip Smith | Jeff Thomas | Christopher Ward | Kiya Wiedis | Ann Wilson | David Winigrad


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