event · Through January 8 2023

Gift/Deeds: Collectors at PAFA

This focused installation highlights selections of 20th century and contemporary art from six significant art collections gifted to PAFA's permanent collection.

This focused installation featuring 20th century and contemporary art from the permanent collection highlights selections from six significant art collections. Each of the collections on view were gifted to the museum by private collectors who served artists and arts institutions: collecting artwork guided by their intellectual interests, activist impulses and their passions, and giving the art to the Museum to ensure its long-term care, preservation, and display for future audiences. For these collectors, loving the art and giving it away was a series of good deeds, ensuring a much wider public could enjoy the art than if it remained in their possession. Across six galleries, visitors will see collectors committed to adventurous approaches to the figure, to the medium of print, to the most celebrated names in American art, or to artists overlooked by mainstream canons. Come and explore how the generosity of these collectors helps to build the collection at PAFA and expands the stories we tell about American Art.

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