event · Through November 30

Mad Lib Monologue

Are you a writer and/or performer looking for inspiration? Write and perform a new monologue using these prompts from Teaching Artist Marissa Kennedy.

Choose a household non-human object – such as a chair, plant, or pet – to recite your monologue to.

Choose from one of these first lines:

  • “So this is where you’ve been hiding…”
  • “All I can say is…”
  • “Well, what happened was…”
  • “Oops…

How did the subject react to what you said? Add a follow-up sentence that responds to your subject’s reaction.

Ask a question if you need help, starting with the question “But..? or “But why…?”

Start your final sentence with “Well, I guess…”

Record and share online using #WilmaVirtualStudio!


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