event · Through January 8 2022

Object Lesson

Photographer and printmaker Richard Benson made revolutionary innovations in the techniques and philosophy of printing and reproduction. As an educator at the Yale School of Art, Benson influenced three decades of artists and left a lasting legacy on all those who studied with or in proximity to him. Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) has partnered with The Aperture Foundation to celebrate Benson’s influence and teachings by presenting Object Lesson, a collaborative exhibition and publication presenting Benson works by twenty-five artists. Included in the exhibition are rare publications by Benson on display. Through Benson’s works and the works of our artists, audiences will be given the opportunity to take inspiration from Benson’s wit and wisdom and learn from his revolutionary concepts of reproducing, making, and discussing photographic works.

Object Lesson will reflect the breadth of Benson’s influence through the works and text from a diverse body of artists including: Michele Abeles, Marion Belanger, Richard Benson, Andrew Borowiec, Lois Conner, Matthew Connors, Tim Davis, Benjamin Parker Donaldson, Dru Donovan, Lucas Foglia, Bryan Graf, Gail Albert Halaban, Heyward Hart, Lisa Kereszi, Justin Kimball, David LaSpina, An-My Lê, John Lehr, Susan Lipper, Salvatore Lopes, Andrea Modica, Abelardo Morell, Arthur Ou, Ted Partin, Bradley Peters, John Pilson, Kristine Potter, Caitlin Teal Price, Sasha Rudensky, Gary Schneider, David Benjamin Sherry, Mark Steinmetz, Sarah Stolfa, Ka-Man Tse and Jeffrey Oliver Whetstone. Publications loaned for the exhibition were provided by Eakins Press Foundation and the individual artists. 


Tilt Institute • Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122 US