event · Through March 24

Phase Change

Phase Change features student work from the Tyler School of Art, University of the Arts, and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The selected works of Phase Change are alive with the forward promise of movement. They are becoming all the time, each announcing a spirit of transition and experimentation.

This exhibition was juried by PAFA's Student Exhibition Committee: JP Calabro (BFA '19), Addison Namnoum (MFA '19), Caitlin O'dea Ott (BFA '19), and Maggie Schermerhorn (MFA '19).

Featured artists include:

Silas McDonough, PAFA

Crystal Flanagan, Tyler School of Art

Shannon Dougherty, Tyler School of Art

Lizzy Arden, University of the Arts

Haley Murphy, PAFA

Melanie Delach, PAFA

Judith Madrid, Tyler School of Art

Heather Steckler, Tyler School of Art

Ryan Tillman, PAFA

Wenbo Gu, PAFA

Bethann Parker, PAFA

Diana Laura, PAFA

Benjamin Kraemer, Tyler School of Art

Jenna Loz, Tyler School of Art

Oliwia Sypien, Tyler School of Art

Kyrie Clemmer, University of the Arts


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