event · Through December 30

Stories from the Archives: New Discoveries at the Wharton Esherick Museum

In spring 2021 WEM staff discovered a cache of archival materials tucked away in Esherick’s 1956 Workshop building. Amongst the materials were Esherick client files, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, and personal objects. While WEM is still in the midst of processing and learning about what these archives contain, we’re excited to highlight a small selection of these materials in our exhibition "Stories from the Archives: New Discoveries at the Wharton Esherick Museum."

In a 2003 speech titled "Literature and Freedom," the writer and critic Susan Sontag emphasized that “to tell a story is to say: this is the important story. It is to reduce the spread and simultaneity of everything to something linear, a path.” In "Stories from the Archives: New Discoveries at the Wharton Esherick Museum," we’d like to invite you down some new and very important paths: three stories about Wharton Esherick we can tell in greater depth, with more resonance and from new perspectives, because of these archival finds. From Esherick’s personal connections with other artists and his involvement in significant moments in art, craft, and design history, to a fuller understanding of the man himself, we invite you to celebrate this discovery and explore these new paths alongside us.

This exhibition will be on view in our Visitor Center, which is open during our current tour hours. Please note, to enter the Museum you must make advance reservations for a tour. Learn more about visiting, and our Covid Safety Guidelines, at


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