event · Through September 4

Talks: Beautiful Future Cities

How can we learn from the ways in which built cities and their surroundings in the last centuries to make better choices in the next? How might space-enabled technologies pave the way for cities on- and off-Earth in the future and to what impact? And how might we rethink our relationships with the infrastructures of the city to create a more inclusive and accessible space for all? MIT Media Lab engineer Danielle Wood, architectural historian Dianne Harris, and documentary photographer Nolan Ryan Trowe consider these questions.

This panel discussion is moderated by Michelle Millar Fisher, the Louis C. Madeira IV Assistant Curator of European Decorative Arts, with Dylan Garner of Cohere. Speakers: Greg Stuart, Michelle Millar Fisher, Danielle Wood, Dianne Harris, Nolan Ryan Trowe, Dylan Garner.


Philadelphia Museum of Art
2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy
Philadelphia, PA 19130 US