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Virtual Exhibition: Certificate Recipients 2017 -Audrey Hiatt-Sims

Main Line Art Center is proud to present the first graduating attendees of our Adult Certificate Program. Designed for students who want to take their work to a more professional level or rededicate themselves to the practice, the Certificate Program is designed to push students to expand their repertoire and provide the support they need in a community-based atmosphere. We welcome Audrey Hiatt-Sims and Barry Simon afresh as our Founding Artists for the Certificate Program and invite our visitors to learn more about them and view their work below.


Audrey grew up in Spokane, Washington. She never believed she could be an artist, despite taking art classes in high school and that work being put on display. Instead, her life took a different direction when she joined the army and served a total of 26 years. Once in a while, however, she wanted to paint again. After retirement, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) paid for Audrey to go to college, allowing her to take drawing classes so she could become a teacher. After an hour and a half, a bowl of fruit, and a conversation with her drawing teacher, she decided on getting a degree in art; she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in three years.

Audrey became blind in her right eye and her doctor was afraid the blindness would continue to left, as well. Her daughter suggested a pottery class at Main Line Art Center. Once she started it was hard to stop, continuing into mosaics from there. She immediately took up the offer of a Fine Arts Certificate Program when it was offered at the Art Center. While she suffers from PTSD, expressing her creativity through art gives her a sense of calm and purpose.


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