event · Through August 30

Virtual Exibition: Earth Works - Panorama 2016

This fall, Main Line Art Center presented Panorama 2016: Image-Based Art in the 21st Century, a celebration of the photographic image in contemporary mediums like digital photography, printmaking, video, film, animation, and gaming design. Panorama featured 50+ exhibitions, events, lectures, portfolio reviews, and more over 2 months presented by the Art Center and its 40+ Partners across the Philadelphia area. As part of Panorama, everyone, regardless of age, ability, or experience, was invited to submit work to the Panorama virtual exhibition.

Responding to the theme of Panorama 2016's feature exhibition Enlightened Earth, Earth Works asked artists create their unique vision of the natural world for a virtual exhibition. Artwork in this album was submitted by adult artists residing in more than 19 states and as far the UK, and the Czech Republic. The exhibition was juried for prizes by Enlightened Earth artist Nick Pedersen.


Main Line Art Center
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