event · Through February 3

Waiting in Hades: All Ages Open Call for Artists

For six months of every year (one month for each persimmon seed swallowed), Persephone waits in the Underworld. She carries each dark day upon her shoulders until she can return to earth and ignite the Spring.

How do you pass the winter?

Are you also waiting?

Why do you wait, when you can make your own light?

UCAL is inviting artists of all ages to create a piece of artwork made with materials that create or reflect their own light. At the opening on Friday, February 8th (from 6 – 8 pm) the lights will be off. Visitors will navigate the space with a tea-light candle (battery operated) and the light generated from the works of art.  

All artwork that meets the theme, providing that it in no way endangers the public or UCAL property, will be accepted into the show. Artist should be aware of the following stipulations, as entering a piece into the show means you have agreed to follow them:

  • There is no fee for entry. There is no age minimum or limit.  
  • All artwork must be ready to hang, with any unusual installation materials provided. 
  • Work must be dropped off at the University City Arts League (UCAL) and picked up from the same location during the drop-off and pick-up period. 
  • All artwork hung at UCAL is generally for sale, with 30% of each sale going to UCAL, a non-profit community art center. 
  • Please imagine your materials and processes in expansive and inventive ways. There may not be a possibility to plug your artwork in so please consider other possibilities for light through paint, ink, batteries, and natural materials, etc. 
  • A form (provided in-line) must be attached to your artwork. Your name, contact information, title of the piece, and sale price of the piece must be clearly stated on this form. 

Interested? Please contact the UCAL gallery, simply send an e-mail to with YES TO HADES in the subject line by January 25th (2019!) and then drop your work off to UCAL on one of the dates provided:


Monday-Friday, January 28th – February 1st 10 am – 6 pm

Sunday, February 3rd from 2 – 6 pm


Sunday, March 10th from 2 – 6 pm

Monday-Friday, February 11th – 15th from 10 am – 6 pm

Any artworks still in the gallery after the final pick-up date become the property of the University City Arts League.


University City Arts League
4226 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106 US